IBM/Lotus Official Sites
TechNotes (known bugs, workarounds)
R5 Forum (user questions, answers)
R6/R7 Forum (user questions, answers)
R8 Beta Forum (user questions, answers)
Sandbox (downloads of sample db’s, solutions)
Lotus Developer Domain – LDD Today (official stuff)
Lotusphere (annual January bash in Orlando)
Certification (info on how to get certified)
News, Tips, Tricks (news, tips, solutions, webcasts, salary surveys — one of the better sites)
LotusAdvisor Magazine (news, articles)
WebSphereAdvisor Magazine (news, articles)
Code Samples and Solutions
Notes411 (a variety of help stuff)
NotesDesign (articles, tutorials, history)
DominoFiles (1,000 databases of examples/solutions to download !)
CodeStore (downloads of solutions, agents)
Lotus Notes FAQ (Ken Yee’s “KeySolutions”)
Martin Scott Consulting (code library, Domino SuperSearch, R4/R5 practice exams for free)
Frank Cseh’s Lotus Notes Page (lots of links)
Training and CLP (now “IBM Certified for Lotus Software”)
The Learning Continuum Company – TLCC (excellent courses and good tips)
SelfTest Software (practice tests: if you know these answers, you WILL pass the tests)
CertFX (practice tests)
AdvancedCLP (the Aussie’s practice tests)
Thomas Consulting (practice tests – cheap and you get what you pay for…)
Learning Quest(“The contract computer trainer you keep.”)
The View (an excellent journal, a bit pricey, but serious, helpful articles, seminars)
DominoPower (not much Power)


Last updated 07/05/2006